What is Strategy?

Defining what business you will be in and how you will win.

Corporate & Business Strategy

The strategies I develop provide effective differentiation, competitive advantage, sustainable profits, and superior value for the enterprise. With the wealth of opportunity for innovation in automotive technology, strategy is essential. Without the aforementioned differentiation and advantage, you may find yourself being left behind by your competitors.

If you work with an experienced chief strategist who can not only help you create a strategy, but also walk with you every step of the way to implement it, I believe you’ll find yourself ahead.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management seeks to integrate business and corporate strategies to identify, evaluate, and prioritize a company’s products based on their profitability, market position, and competitive advantage. This is a key element to corporate strategy, as well as, product management. It is critical to the success of a company’s future investments in products and services. In the end, we want to ensure that the return on capital and precious human resources are maximized in order to achieve above-average returns.

My process

What I Do

  • Evaluate your current portfolio and identify ways to grow the business
  • Reshape your operating model that supports the goals and strategy of your enterprise
  • Complete a competency assessment and identify best practices and synergies to leverage across the corporation
  • In-depth research of competitive dynamics, product shifts, pricing trends, and customer direction
  • Link strategy to execution by developing an actionable growth plan and by providing oversight to see actions turn into results

In the past

For several years I worked with Magna Powertrain and Magna Electronics as the VP of Corporate Development and Strategy. In this capacity, I was the chief strategy executive and member of the leadership team driving major turnaround of the corporation. I worked directly for the president; my team and I redefined strategy, drove culture shift to a more global product orientation, spearheaded M&A and steered the company toward strategic growth.

Let’s talk.

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