Mega Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry

Mega Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry

Vehicle electrification, connected cars, autonomous vehicles and shared mobility are having a profound impact on the automotive industry. The key questions are: How fast are these changes occurring and how can you stay ahead of the curve with strategic planning?

This presentation answers those questions, as well as:

  • What do the new vehicle architectures look like – today and tomorrow?
  • How is accelerating global legislation affecting the industry and future forecast?
  • At what rate is the cost differential between EV/ICE powertrains disappearing?
  • What is the EV Forecast Model and how will it impact major supplier markets, such as forging/machining?
  • What strategies are being deployed by top automotive suppliers?
  • What does the future roadmap of autonomous vehicles look like?
  • How will data monetization disrupt the supplier business model?
  • And more!

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